X-ray & Ultrasound


We have had digital radiography for several years at Prince Bishop Vets which is far better than the traditional xray systems as it means the results are almost instant and are a fantastic quality which aids in diagnosing many conditions.

We will often use xrays to look at the bones, the heart and lungs, the abdominal contents and teeth.

Many pets will require a sedation or anaesthetic to ensure we get good quality xrays so we will usually ask you to bring your pet into us in the morning and leave them with us for the day.


We have a fantastic, new ultrasound machine which we can use to scan the abdomen and also your pet’s heart. Common conditions for which we would use our ultrasound machine are: pregnancy diagnosis, heart murmur/disease investigation, bladder stones, liver disease and kidney disease.

Ultrasound is a non-painful and non-invasive diagnostic procedure but some animals may require a sedation or anaesthetic to enable us to perform a comprehensive scan.